Make a digital cookbook in less than 30 minutes!
How it works
Import Recipes
Saffron will bulk import recipes from your blog to help you quickly get started building your digital cookbook.
Organize Content
Give your cookbook a name, arrange with sections and then fill it with your recipes.
Add Branding
Saffron will generate a cookbook cover and landing page using your branding.
Share Cookbooks
Generate a custom link to access your cookbook and use it for marketing, lead generation, and on your blog.
Why Saffron
edit recipe on app
For bloggers
Easily create any number of cookbooks from your recipe collection.
Saffron takes care of the design, formatting, and screen optimization for you!
Edit your cookbook anytime and everyone gets the change immediately.
Handles the whole cookbook creation process, no need to use multiple programs.
For your followers
Using a Saffron digital cookbook is a much better experience than an ebook.
Recipes are easy to cook from whether your using our website or iOS/Android app.
Automatically scale ingredients.
Generate a grocery list from recipes.
Search cookbook by recipe name or ingredient.
scale recipe on app
Get Started with your digital cookbook!